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Whether you are coming as an individual, couple, or family, or are seeking consultation as a business-owning family or partnership,  we will help you find solutions that get you back on track.  What do you most want and need?   Are there significant challenges or obstacles to gaining that outcome?  We will help you take on whatever the challenge is and focus together in ways that help you gain new tools, new perspectives, and most importantly, new experience that leads you to the outcome you are seeking.   This might mean supporting you through a difficult transition, encouraging you to use your strengths and apply adaptive skills to stressors at work or within your relationships, or perhaps helping to get you unstuck from old familiar patterns that keep getting in your way.  

My approach is pragmatic and will be guided by your unique concerns.  It integrates more than 25 years of training and practice as a psychologist which has provided me with a broad and rich experience in the art and science of psychotherapy, as well as executive coaching and business consultation.  I draw primarily from cognitive behavioral, family systems, psychodynamic and neuroscience models of therapy, and from executive/leadership models of coaching.

The Services page details my specific areas of specialty.   My interests and professional experiences are varied, which helps me to connect well with a variety of individuals and a range of concerns.   My prior career in business is often helpful in working with individuals with work and career challenges.  

I am happy to spend time by phone in an initial no-cost consultation with prospective clients.  This is by far the best way to get a sense of the fit between your situation and my practice. 

Let's get you started on a positive path today.

Feel free to call or email me.     

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