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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Services Provided

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Treatment of Anxiety (social anxiety, panic symptoms, OCD, generalized anxiety)

Transitions (separation/divorce, loss of employment, life cycle stages)

Work and Career Concerns (work-stress, relational conflicts with supervisors/subordinates, executive/leadership challenges, partnership conflicts, loss of work-life direction and occupational identity)

Health Psychology (stress management, coping with chronic pain/illness, adjustment to disability, behavioral issues related to achieving wellness)

Improving Coping Skills in Depression (down on yourself or others, loss of meaning, withdrawing from connections)

Family Counseling (learn together, gain understanding of each other, work together on new patterns of relating and connecting)

Couples Counseling (if possible, don't wait for a crisis to get your relationship on track)

Divorce Adjustment for Parents (specialist on divorce adjustment)

Self Esteem/Self Development (low motivation, proscrastination, indecisive, social insecurities -- find and use your authentic strengths)

Executive Coaching

Executive/Leadership Coaching (Create a vision consistent with your values, set developmental goals to implement your vision, apply emotional intelligence to your specific organizational and relational challenges at work)


Business Consulting

Leadership development, conflict resolution and relationship consulting for family enterprises and professional partnerships.